“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
- Thomas Edison

AZ Small Business Finance is in CO+HOOTS

It’s that time again… time for a new Team Space member feature! This month we are stoked to introduce you to AZ Small Business Finance, one of our newest members! Their mission- to promote economic development through helping small businesses grow...
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Building a Better Phoenix; Why I’m Supporting CO+HOOTS’ Crowdfunding

By Tanya Moushi When I feel hesitation, it makes me want to clear things up. There are so many people transforming Phoenix right now, so many people who care about preserving its history and skyrocketing it as the major city it is. Most people have no...
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Bringing MORE support to parent entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a parent and an entrepreneur is harder. As a parentpreneur, you’re balancing a business and a life. You’re the first one in the house to rise; and after dinner and kissing the kids goodnight, you tiptoe into...
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‘A Mountain Of Risk,’ a letter from Jenny Poon, CO+HOOTS Founder

Friends, we’re about to embark on something grand and I need your help. In 2010, I decided to take a mountain of risk. I was about to launch something; a space, but really, more than that. A place that helped people chase their dreams, that helped those...
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Meg Taylor brings 17 years of experience to CO+HOOTS Foundation

Meg Taylor is more than a doer. But that’s exactly what she does best. Got big dreams? Big goals? That’s nice. Now let’s turn those into reality. With actual steps. With an actual plan. Meg comes into her new position as an intern and interim program...
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Pivotal Moment #1: Will Bradley On Not Knowing It All

Will Bradley, entrepreneur, web developer and long-time CO+HOOTS member, did the things a lot of us do. He went to school, got himself an education, and then walked out into the world believing he’d have to be competent on the first day of his first...
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CO+HOOTS to co-host Challenge Cup, a global pitch competition, November 14.

What happens when CO+HOOTS joins forces with other coworking spaces, incubators and businesses in Arizona? Big ideas, an awesome event and an overwhelming amount of AZ love. It will all culminate on Nov. 14 at The Newton (300 W. Cambelback) in Phoenix...
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5 x 5: Coworking Tips from Coworking’s Best

New to coworking? New to CO+HOOTS? Afraid of people in general? Here are five tips on how to make the most of your coworking experience, one from each of five proud CO+HOOTS members. Michael Zimmerlich, 8020 Records “Attend any social gatherings like...
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Connecting the Pro to the Pro Bono

CO+HOOTS founder Jenny Poon worked pro bono on a mobile grocery store. Graphic designer Vince Baarson did a pro bono website redesign. And the CO+HOOTS Foundation turn all this pro bono solidarity into a week-long event that will connect nonprofits will...
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VIDEO: CO+HOOTS hosts nation’s largest CreatAthon, a 24-hour skilled pro bono event

When CO+HOOTS does something, it makes it the largest in the country. More than 70 volunteer graphic designers, copywriters, web developers and design students from around the Valley gathered at CO+HOOTS in early September to participate in CreatAthon...
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