“We need to shatter glass ceilings and build cities far past previously imagined limits.”

Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform in their industry. Gender diversity increases those odds by 15%.

CO+HOOTS is partnering with nonprofit organizations with a commitment to diversity.


The Inclusion Initiative is a rapidly expanding program that invites diversity-promoting nonprofits to partner with CO+HOOTS to nurture diversity in thought and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These organizations range from cultural chambers of commerce, women business owner groups and more. CO+HOOTS is excited to play a role in bringing these communities together and encourage collaboration between their diverse talents.
“We strongly believe that innovation comes from the crossover of different people from different backgrounds and industries,” said Jenny Poon, the founder of CO+HOOTS. “We aim to see all people succeed in business, including individuals with autism.”

How it works


  • As an approved partner, we will issue 3 revolving scholarships to your organization for entrepreneurs in your community to gain access and support in the largest coworking community in Arizona.
  • Support your entire community through ongoing discounted membership benefit.
  • Commit to mutually share programming and actively collaborate to help entrepreneurs within all our communities.

Support a more diverse ecosystem of entrepreneurs with us by filling out the application below.

Perks for members of your organization:

Discounted Memberships to work out of CO+HOOTS’ diverse workspace to extend to your community.

Access to a wide network of talent.

Easy access to community, educational opportunities and events.

Cross-promotion as one of our allies.


Existing allies