Meet Ninja Intern Jennifer Katz

by | Jun 21, 2021

Jennifer Kats is our new Entrepreneurship and Innovation ninja intern! She is currently a student at Arizona State University, majoring in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. She has various leadership experiences, from being Vice President of Finance for her sorority and being a First-year Facilitator.

Get to know about our nintern more as she takes on the summer with us: 


Tell us a little about yourself: 

I am an incoming junior at Arizona State University. I am a double major in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I love reading, Orange Theory and crafting. 

Why did you want to work for CO+HOOTS?

I was matched with CO+HOOTS through a program with Arizona State University. I am really happy I was placed here. I really enjoy this environment and what CO+HOOTS is doing for the entrepreneurial community in the valley.


If you had 100 billion dollars you would…
If I had 100 billion dollars I would definitely go on a luxury vacation with my family and friends, give some to different charities, invest some, and then buy myself some items that I would never think to have.


What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I am a fraternal twin!


Dream place to travel to? 
My dream place to travel to is Iceland.


What’s one thing about you that people wouldn’t be able to figure out through a Google search? 

I am Vice President of Finance for my sorority!