Tee Cee – Editor In Cheif, i20west Q&A

by | Aug 5, 2021



August is National Black Business Month, a time when individuals recognize Black-owned businesses across the country. As we reflect on the work of so many great black business owners in history, we wanted to highlight a local black entrepreneur and fellow CO+HOOTS member who creates space for minority individuals to branch into the motorcycling world. Meet none other than Tee Cee, editor in chief of i20west.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I am editor-in-chief and technical writer for “i20west,” a motorcycle lifestyle blog that promotes safety, fun, and freedom while riding motorcycles. Concurrently, I run “Ride 2 Zion, Inc.,” a small non-profit organization, which works alongside other charitable organizations with a common goal of giving back to those in need.

What made you want to start riding motorcycles?

Having served in the military; I kept hearing that veterans suffering with PTSD found peace in riding motorcycles.  In 2016, I decided to give it a shot and can verify that riding my motorcycle has been an exhilarating and therapeutic experience.

Any crazy stories you have from motorcycling?

Where to start?!  A quick story involves me riding my motorcycle for 20 hours straight, only stopping for gasoline and restroom breaks.  Needless to say – afterwards I was very sore, worn, and tattered. When I finally made it home, I immediately started planning my next long-distance motorcycle trip.

 What impact do you want to have through your business?

My mission is to promote safety, fun and freedom while riding motorcycles.  i20west provides continuing education (such as the importance of motorcycle maintenance and rider tips), encourages safe riding habits, and also spotlights individuals and organizations that have moved the culture forward.  

Also, women who ride motorcycles are in the minority. Statistically, out of every 100 male riders there are 19 female riders.  I’d like to encourage anyone (specifically ladies) of all backgrounds who are interested in picking up the sport, to do so – and to have fun!

Where do you see the future of your business going?

I’d love for i20west to become more visible and known for providing useful (and entertaining) information for aspiring, novice, and even experienced motorcyclists.  We are fairly new, but hopefully our efforts will lead to opportunities that will expand our influence in the field and encourage partnerships and collaborations with compatible individuals and/or organizations.