Speaker Series: Get Your Head Under New Management: YOURS

2020tue27oct12:00 pmtue1:00 pmSpeaker Series: Get Your Head Under New Management: YOURSWhether it’s your career, your family, and/or your body, it’s time to get your mind under new management: YOURS.12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Register here.

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There’s an illusion that nothing important is really going on in that dark nightclub of our minds, where all our thoughts, theories, and inner dialogues dance. But, the truth is, we’ve all done such a lousy job as bouncer of that club, it’s kind of amazing. Yes, your mind has a mind of its own. And if left unchecked, all those voices, two in particular — your Chicken and Brat — can cause havoc.

ESPECIALLY, in times like these.

Your Chicken is the voice of fear. It’s not loud in the areas of your life where you’re succeeding, but in any area where you just might fail, get sick, lose your job, money, etc., your chicken hatches a plan to keep you safe.

Your Brat, on the other hand, is the adult version of a tantruming 4-year old. It’s stubborn, manipulative, and always running a scam. It’s either trying to get what it wants or get you out of doing something… like working out, or like stocking up, not just on Purell, BUT on your favorite vices (see: cheetos, weed, wine, wifi, etc.).

Whether it’s your career, your family, and/or your body, it’s time to get your mind under new management: YOURS.

Following this session, you will learn to:

  • Identify your version of these two voices
  • The 8 basic brands of excuses they advocate
  • Design clear, actionable steps to help you get out of your own way and curate thoughts that are a match with your dreams.

About Laurie Gerber: Laurie is one of the most engaging and effective life coaches and presenters in the country. After holding several positions at Handel Group® over the last 15 years, including President of HG Life, Laurie is currently living her dream as a diva and Head Coach of HG Life. In her captivating presentations, Laurie helps participants Learn To Human Better® by teaching practical tools on how to dream, bust excuses, action plan for their future, build Personal Integrity® and of course, the art of honesty. Yes, a smock is required.

This event is going to be held virtually. Attendees will receive a link to the live stream and worksheets once they have signed up.

Ticket donations go to support businesses affected by COVID-19

We believe in entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to chase a dream, against all odds.

Build an environment for them, and it will elevate us all.



(Tuesday) 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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