Speaker Series: Automate the Grind & Reclaim Your Time

2022tue19apr12:00 pmtue1:00 pmSpeaker Series: Automate the Grind & Reclaim Your TimeLearn how to leverage automation to better your business and reclaim your time with La'Vista Jones.12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Register here.

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Time-deprived entrepreneurs often know that they want to work on their businesses instead of being overwhelmed working in their businesses. The former is an essential shift needed for sustainability and growth. However many business owners still push aside realistic work capacities and take ownership of completing tasks they should fire themselves from doing. Setting yourself up to burn out by showing how capable you are at doing all of the things isn’t business goals, healthy or a cause for celebration – no matter what hustle culture tells you.

By leveraging automation to do the heavy lifting in your business, you can reclaim valuable time that can be used to focus on fulfilling your vision while also taking care of the visionary.

Shift Catalyst

  • Calculating the real cost of not leveraging automation
  • Identifying what tasks to automate and how
  • Developing a roadmap of what to tackle first


About La’Vista: La’Vista Jones is the founder and CEO of 31 Marketplace, an agency committed to helping women cultivate their own culture of work-life balance by leveraging systems and self-care.

As a burnout survivor and recovering overfunctioner she knows the path to success does not require subscribing to hustle culture, exhaustion and overbooked schedules. La’Vista is a professional speaker and host of the BOSS™ Talk podcast, where she and her guests speak about the shifts needed to build sustainable and self-nurturing businesses.

As a wife, mom and entrepreneur, La’Vista is no stranger to the impacts of unmet expectations that are often accompanied by the weight of feeling suffocated in life – hence her passion to support those around her in becoming fluent in self-compassion. As a 3-time author, certified coach and luxury retreat host, La’Vista is helping women across all walks of life to recognize and harness the power of consistent and personalized self-care.


This event is going to be held virtually. Attendees will receive a link to the live stream and worksheets once they have signed up.
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(Tuesday) 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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