Meet Ninja Intern Mingyang Li

by | Jul 11, 2017

Mingyang Li is our kind of boss lady. She has lived on two continents, prioritizes dogs and design, and is already pursuing her own city-building dreams — that is, if you’re talking about Lego cities. We love seeing her amazing design skills put into action and her positivity boosting up the friendly in CO+HOOTS. Get to know Mingyang as she takes eeko studio by storm!

Hometown: China, Inner Mongolia

Why did you want to work at CO+HOOTS? The diversity within the office is really what I have been looking for. I was attracted the first time I walked into the building. Creative words and amazing decorations, the dog-friendly office and modern atmosphere — everything is so inviting to me.

What are your hopes and dreams at CO+HOOTS? New experiences and challenges are my things. At CO+HOOTS, I want to try different projects and software. See how the design firm works, to gain more experience about how to work with real clients.

Members in CO+HOOTS may be able to help you as well… What are your own personal hopes and dreams? In five years, my short term dream is to get a design firm job in Los Angeles after I graduate from ASU. And I hope I can have my own design company one day in the future, since design is really what I love to do.

If you had 100 billion dollars, you would… I would use 50 billion to build a stray dog rescue foundation in China, and give the other 50 billion to my parents.

What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you? I love dogs, and I have a golden retriever named Mango, 4 years old and a passionate boy.

I love Legos. To build up a huge Lego city is my dream. So far, I have built 12 Lego buildings.

What is one thing people don’t know about you? Cilantro is not my thing. Over time, I try cilantro and I can feel cold air fill my stomach, which is so weird. I know.

Why are you so awesome? I am so awesome because I am a positive person. I always make positive thinking my habitual way of seeing life, which will also influence friends around me.