Meet Lisa Glenn, CO+HOOTS Foundation Executive Director

by | Jul 26, 2017

Lisa Glenn loves cooking, could talk to a door and leverages her passion for youth development to make Phoenix the best it can be. When she’s not sneaking regular Cartel lattes into her mostly vegan diet, she’s helping students and underrepresented communities access resources, while contributing to a supportive, entrepreneurial city. See for yourself why we love Lisa as she spearheads and furthers the CO+HOOTS Foundation!
Hometown: Hard to say, but I claim Birmingham, AL. I’ve also lived in Florence, AL, Murfreesboro, TN, Springfield, MO, Athens, AL, here, Oakland, CA, and Johannesburg, South Africa, so you can see where my confusion comes from!
Why did you want to work with the CO+HOOTS Foundation? I have watched CO+HOOTS since the beginning and I am so incredibly proud of the work they have done in the Phoenix community, so when the opportunity to work with the Foundation came along, I was thrilled. My background is in supporting underrepresented communities through education, and I’m excited to put my knowledge to work providing Equity Through Entrepreneurship.
What are your hopes and dreams with the Foundation? My absolute dream would be for Arizona to become THE place to be if you want to be an entrepreneur. But not in a played out, Silicon Valley way. Instead, I’d want everyone to know that when you come to AZ to be an entrepreneur that we support you 100%. That we’re a family, and a rising tide that raises all boats. I think we’re already getting there, and my hope is that the Foundation will work to ensure that everyone has the resources they need, regardless of their zip code or personal rolodex.  My personal passion lies in youth development, and my dream would be that every student in Arizona graduated with a clear understanding of entrepreneurial mindsets.
Members in CO+HOOTS may be able to help you as well… What are your own personal hopes and dreams? I’m always mulling around the idea of starting my own business. Right now I’m focusing on my health after being diagnosed a few years ago with an autoimmune condition, and I’m sharing my (mostly food-based) recovery at @autoimmunetutor. I’d love to see this become a guide for others to reclaim their health and find their joy.
If you had 100 billion dollars, you would… Ok, first I’d buy a Tesla. Let’s not all pretend we wouldn’t. But then with the remaining boatloads of money, I’d probably create a master plan to fund the American public school system. We have amazing teachers and professionals working to create leaders of the future, and I’d love to have a plan to support them.
What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you? I sing things to people as often as I say them, apparently. I’m also a huge foodie currently on a mostly vegan kick (she said while sipping her Cartel regular latte) and love creating in the kitchen. I can also talk to a door.
What is one thing people don’t know about you? I used to want to be the first female professional baseball player and had a HUGE baseball card collection.
Why are you so awesome? I’m so awesome because I’ve surrounded myself with awesome people. I draw a lot of strength from my community. I also drive a Prius, which makes me even more awesome.