Let’s Celebrate Arizona’s Top Tech Talent!

by | Jun 28, 2017

Arizona’s tech scene is growing and, as the old saying goes, it takes a village. From the intrepid founder with a vision to the innovative software developer and intrepid marketer helping to make that vision a reality, there is a lot of talent behind the growth of our tech community.

The thing is, there are several awards out there that celebrate the achievements of founders, executives and those in the C-suite, but what about everyone else involved in fueling the success of these tech companies –– the developers, marketers, students, programmers, and IT architects who are making waves and contributing to the growth of some of the Valley’s top tech companies? A team of local entrepreneurs responded, putting together the TechTalent Awards, a program that celebrates the achievements of the amazing talent behind the scenes.

The TechTalent Awards is open to any Arizona-based individuals working for a local technology company, whether in SaaS, automotive engineering, or marketing automation. There are five categories to choose from:

Community: Know someone who’s done something to raise the tech savvy of the community or support the development of others?

Infrastructure: This person has built a program or process that has somehow improved the overall product, reduced costs or tightened up an internal process.

Growth: Customer acquisition and retention is of course the lifeblood of any company, this person has created a marketing or sales campaign, process, methodology that has helped boost the company’s bottom line.

Customer Experience: Personas, the customer journey, experience mapping…it’s all about the customer experience. This person has created an innovative way to solve a problem, or surprise and delight for your customers.

Emerging Talent: Students are doing amazing things in tech today…many launching their own ventures before they even graduate.

One goal of TechTalent AZ is to recognize and promote the local talent in an effort to sustain and grow it. By championing the individuals who dedicate themselves to the success of Arizona’s technology companies, the idea is it will further support the effort to attract and retain tech talent.

So if you know someone (or if that person is you) in the tech world deserving of recognition, consider nominating them today.