Our Desk-Spirations

by | Mar 19, 2018

Here at CO+HOOTS, our desk space is where ambition plus hard work equals blood, sweat, tears and RESULTS.  To some, an empty desk may be just that. But to us, it is an entreprenerd’s canvas ready and waiting to be painted by your productive madness.

From tools to gimmicks to things that bring us efficiency and pleasure, the items we bring to work with us have some sort of purpose.  We call them our Desk-Spirations. They reveal a little bit about who we are and what drives our momentous spirits.

They keep the ball rolling. Plus, they look great. Go ahead and take a look!

Desk-Spirations for Motivation

Family Photos

What better way to revamp your motivation than to have those most important to you staring you right in the face? Of course, they are there to cheer you on. “You got this!” “We support you!” “Feed me a treat when you get home!” (Don’t forget: For Cohootians, pets are family too.)

Source: Aaron Kes


Training your brain to think positive thoughts is an invaluable personal development skill. And here at CO+HOOTS, we are all about pushing past our limits. We love to have motivational quotes on our desk. Double points go to those who have them framed, hand-lettered and given to them as a gift from a friend.

Desk+Spirations for Efficiency

Screen Space

How many monitors does it take for you to get down to business? One? Two? Three? Four? Whatever the count is for you, our space is available to make it your own. Right now, the winning number in our office is three. But, who’s counting?  

Desk+Spirations for a Hoot

Fun Mouse Pad

Why so serious? Sometimes, in the midst of all our deadlines, we need those little reminders to relax, take it easy and have some fun. Mouse pads with dog-faced tacos will probably do the trick. It hits both marks on usability and fun! A win-win in our books.


For us, music isn’t just the coffee shop tunes you hear in the background. (Don’t worry, we’ve got that too). In our workspace, music can be seen as a Cohootian hanging his guitar on the wall right behind his desk. Whatever it is that keeps you in tune. Go ahead and rock out to your own beat!

Plants & Rocks

Cohootians love feeling close to nature. We LOVE it. You’ll see work spaces decorated with air plants, geologic rocks and orchids, and frequent flyers posted next to tall, open windows streaming in natural light.

Already imagining how you would fill your CO+HOOTS canvas? Come in and try out your workspace for free! Here at CO+HOOTS, your productive madness is always welcomed.