Patricia Susanto is a mission-oriented learner who believes in putting lifestyle first. Her dedication to working happy as much as she works hard encourages her to be open to learning anything, while excelling at it all. In the world of ninja intern selection and natural selection, we believe Patricia wins — she has already adapted to three vastly different biomes in two countries in just two years!


Get to know our nintern and grab a beer with her to chat:


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Why did you want to work at CO+HOOTS? 
As soon as you enter the space, you can feel the energy. The gears in my brain feel as though they are moving at lightning speed. It is both extremely motivating and humbling to be surrounded by so many “anything is possible,” creative, “work hard, play hard” minds. This is where you go to get things done, and that is exactly why I came here.


What are your hopes and dreams at CO+HOOTS? 
Learning, learning, learning. Big, small, anything, everything. I am here to take it all in. From the operations behind running a coworking space to marketing/design/writing, you name it.


Members in CO+HOOTS may be able to help you as well… What are your own personal hopes and dreams?
I am striving for authenticity. When it comes to personal career goals, I am more focused on finding a lifestyle over a career. However, I am driven, mission-oriented and hope to make some big moves when it comes to making a difference. I am fairly new to the entrepreneur life…but I believe it’s the place for me.


If you had 100 billion dollars, you would… 
Travel, start my own coworking space community, donate to environmental stewardship organizations and probably come home with too many pets.


What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you? 
I spent the last two years working on conservation and environmental projects all over the place: SE Alaska, Southern Idaho and just recently Costa Rica. One of my strongest suits is learning how to adapt!


What is one thing people don’t know about you? 
I love to hike, rock climb, and practice yoga.


Why are you so awesome? 
You don’t have to pressure me too hard to grab a beer.