AZ Small Business Finance is in CO+HOOTS

by | Mar 30, 2016

It’s that time again… time for a new Team Space member feature! This month we are stoked to introduce you to AZ Small Business Finance, one of our newest members! Their mission- to promote economic development through helping small businesses grow and thrive- is something that makes us do the happy dance!

Without further adieu, let us introduce you to the awesome team. Read about them, memorize it and become their new BFF!

How did you hear about CO+HOOTS? 
We actually heard about CO+HOOTS through our work. We met someone involved in the building’s ownership and when we learned about the community of businesses sharing the space we immediately thought it could be a great fit for us.

Tell us a little bit about your company/ team. 
AZ Small Business Finance is a not-for-profit organization offering financial assistance to small businesses via a variety of loan programs and services. Our mission is to promote economic development through helping small businesses grow and thrive. Chris Bane and Laurel McNamara are both dedicated to business development outreach – they provide financial education and opportunities for Arizona small businesses looking for capital.

What are you hoping to get out of a coworking space? 
Since we are passionate about helping small businesses, and are a small business ourselves, we are excited to be sharing a space with others like us. We’ve been in an executive suite the past few years, so having the opportunity to connect in the office with others, share experiences, and possibly collaborate is something we’re looking forward to.

What is something CO+HOOTS members can ask you about?
Getting the money you need to grow your business. We’re all about finding the right source of capital for any entrepreneur or small business looking to expand. Whether it’s a need for working capital, a loan to buy equipment, or financing for a $15 million commercial building, we can help you understand and explore your options that go beyond traditional bank financing. We also wouldn’t mind chatting about any new or great local restaurants/bars!