Building a Better Phoenix; Why I’m Supporting CO+HOOTS’ Crowdfunding

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Blog, People

By Tanya Moushi

When I feel hesitation, it makes me want to clear things up. There are so many people transforming Phoenix right now, so many people who care about preserving its history and skyrocketing it as the major city it is. Most people have no hesitation for supporting CO+HOOTS and their mission for a bigger, better entrepreneurial public space, but I’d like to share my perspective in case you’re on the fence about their crowdfunding campaign.

Let my general disclaimer be that you shouldn’t invest money out of obligation. That’s how both overexposure and overweighted positions occur. If you’re willing to support, pick an affordable number, and feel damn good about however big or small your contribution.

Approach this with an appreciation for the mission.

That’s why we donate to the fight against anything. This mission is a public space for entrepreneurs in Phoenix that is 3X the original size with an impact that stretches way beyond any real or made up borders. There are few places that cater to the psychotic nature that is the entrepreneur and CO+HOOTS has nailed it.

The culture makes Friday-night brainstorming sessions normal, and supports those who dedicate their time to finding curious connections, launching big ideas and creating opportunities for impact on both a local and global scale. It helps us appreciate our unique weirdness, and supports my personal argument that Phoenix is the most generous city for entrepreneurs.

Yeah, I said that.

As for the investment . . .

Pretend you will never see the money again. And then pretend you will see it 20 times over. And then stop pretending that you know what will happen. Expect your support to make an impact, because it will.

I’m fucking tired of people acting like they don’t make a difference. People make a difference. It doesn’t matter how seemingly small. You do. Get over it. You make a difference. You make or break things. Yes, it is a lot of pressure. We know. But it’s also kind of awesome, isn’t it?

We have gotten some amazing experiences from CO+HOOTS. Some of us have gained wonderful clients, have had a place to try out ideas, and some have simply received bravery to launch a project or business — that bravery being a priceless, invisible thing. I am the recipient of all three benefits, among many more shared by many others.

This is about building a place that helps make things real.

It doesn’t always work but it works enough of the time to make a difference, and that’s a damn decent bet if you ask me. In a world where we feel a shit ton of resistance, mostly from ourselves, I’m all about helping a place that helps us break that resistance down.


CLICK HERE to check out our campaign page and back this movement today.

(This blog post was originally posted on Tanya’s Medium account.)

Tanya Moushi is a CO+HOOTS member and believes in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to business. Her emphasis is on the small, subtle, and significant moments between user and experience (human/object, person/person, individual/organization) which make the biggest impact. She’s particularly interested in building positive associations for Business as a whole.