5 x 5: Coworking Tips from Coworking’s Best

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Blog, People

New to coworking? New to CO+HOOTS? Afraid of people in general?

Here are five tips on how to make the most of your coworking experience, one from each of five proud CO+HOOTS members.

Michael Zimmerlich, 8020 Records

“Attend any social gatherings like Hoot Hour or organizations like Success Lab. Great way to get to know your fellow coworkers!”

Michelle D’Souza, CO+HOOTS

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly! We love to help or connect you with anyone [we] can, and we never bite! Also, beer’s a great way to break the ice.”

(“Beer Thirty” happens every Friday at 4:30pm, so you’ve got the beer part covered.)

(Also, this tip was followed by a smile emoticon, because why not?)

Tanya Marie Moushi, Moushi & Co

“Share. Share. Share. Share your process, share the information from all those books you read, share your experiences. It builds a community of ‘we are in this together’ and that’s a powerful thing.”

Jenny Poon (who doesn’t need any more PR)

“To add and take a spin off of Tanya Marie Moushi. Share not just what you know, but ideas you have. The greatest, most innovative ideas never happened in a silo. Be willing to give ideas away. So if you meet a coworker who does hamster analysis and you think, ‘wouldn’t it be powerfully cute for hamsters to learn how to use tiny chopsticks?’ Share ideas!”

Me, the writer

“Always ask the question. Whatever it is you want to do or get into, ask the people who know about it how they started, how you can get involved, and anything else you can think up. The people around you have done interesting things. Smart things. Creative things. A single question is often the only thing standing between you and new adventures. Ask the question!”

Bonus Tip: Will Bradley (client: SimpleWan)

“If you’re nervous, just smile and say ‘hey! I’m ____. Whatcha working on?’ Almost everybody at a coworking space is doing something interesting, or at least useful.”

(But, Will reminds us, note the headphone rule: Headphones on = no interruptie.)

Happy coworking!