FOUNDING FLOCK: Eric Lennox, Artifex10

by | May 6, 2013 | Blog

Eric Lennox is a partner at Artifex10 Landscape Architecture, Design + Planning Worldwide, a boutique Landscape Architecture design firm specializing in creating compelling spaces.

A part of the six “Founding Flock” at CO+HOOTS, Lennox had just started his Design firm and was looking for office space. He had been working in creative, studio environments for over 10 years and couldn’’t bear the thought of working in a small one-room office or in a large space with rented cubicles. Unfortunately, that’’s all he was finding in his price range. Before joining CO+HOOTS, he was working from home and coffee shops and those spaces didn’’t make him and his partners feel legitimate.

“The idea of coworking resonated with me because it would be a creative studio environment, but without people competing in a corporate arena,”” he said. “”I had become frustrated with that culture, the best work wasn’’t being done because of politics or interoffice leveraging.””

After Lennox’’s wife drove by CO+HOOTS, Lennox came in and sat in a small cluster with the other Founding Flock: Jenny Poon, Odeen Domingo, Tony Felice, Matt Clower, J.D. Godchaux and Robert Hoekman Jr.

“”It was a blast,” Lennox said. “Totally different professions, but we all had design, creativity and enthusiasm in common.”

““Here at CO+HOOTS I get design, web, PR and user experience advice from people in the same shoes, just wanting to be successful. “The knowledge exchange is a true benefit, and you also get great friends.”

“We believe the companies that survive the recession need to emerge with a different strategy and attitude on collaborating with clients who are very conscious of where their money is going.

“At CO+HOOTS, you have activity, energy, desks, name recognition, conference rooms and most important, people.””

Lennox has been introduced to a whole new network of people from his coworking colleagues and when possible he returns the favor.

“Jenny was doing a re-brand on a resort project and mentioned she works with a landscape architect,” Lennox said. ““Next thing we know, we have a new project and developer contact.””“

Today, Lennox is inspired by natural patterns in nature in his landscape architecture business. The veins on a leaf, the microscopic view of a snowflake, the way the wind and water push sand into beautiful patterns and geometries. “

“We strive for good proportions and geometry in our design work,”” he said. “”That’’s what makes spaces feel comfortable. It’s a difficult exercise that takes a lot of practice to master. When we look at nature’s patterns and organization closely, it’’s near perfection. That is inspiring to us.””

When Lennox isn’t nose deep doing killer design work for Egyptian resorts or spending time with his beautiful children, he’s doing things only a CO+HOOTian would do like riding a camel while picking up pyramids or wrecking some serious havoc on Dora-pinatas.