Featured CO+HOOTIAN: Robin from Chic Branding

by | May 2, 2013 | Blog

Interviewed by: Danielle Harkins, CO+HOOTS Intern

Robin Bramman is our first featured CO+HOOTS member and self-described “curious connector.”

“Live your life on purpose,” is her personal motto, and “make it happen” is what drives her. ”live life large!” she says believing life is too short. Every little aspect matters, even those crazy ides.

Robin has spent the past 10 years working in the healthcare sector, retail, and finance industries. In these industries she’s taken on roles such as a visionary strategist, boutique-owner and interactive services project champ. A perfect fit for CO+HOOTS, Robin loves collaborating with other web, marketing, and social media creatives (currently she is “in cohoots” with Eeko Design Studio). Certified as a 360 Reach Personal Branding and Online ID strategist, Robin is set to launch Chic Branding, which encompasses both personal and professional branding.

Known by the words “You have to experience the brand before you brand the experience”, Robin works with individuals and companies from all sectors in brand development, online identity, and exclusive web and social network campaigns. She helps people identify and package their most compelling and markable qualities. Her services include strategy, branding, marketing, and consulting though she is developing an “e-learning” program, with keynote presentations, virtual webinars, tele-conferences, and live-in person workshops.

What makes Robin so fantastic is her incredible attention to detail and the depth of her branding genius! For those who aren’t familiar, there are many steps and Robin breaks down a person’s purpose to their core and lays it out for them to keep forever. She even gets down to the meaning behind colors and their popularity within age groups.

If CO+HOOTS was an island, who would you eat first and why? “Not Danielle, she’s too skinny and wouldn’t give enough nutrition!” and also, “ It’s not possible to be given the chance to eat someone here at CO+HOOTS because there are too many sweets and desserts in around!”