“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
- Thomas Edison

CO+HOOTS celebrates 4-year anniversary with takeover coworking event

CO+HOOTS recently celebrated its 4-year anniversary with a takeover coworking event at downtown Phoenix’s hippest hotel, The Clarendon Hotel and Spa. More than 100 people from the community, members and non-members alike including Phoenix Mayor...
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Meet new CO+HOOTS ninterns Claire Thomas and Josh Menigoz

CO+HOOTS ninterns (ninja interns, duh) make the world go ’round. It’s in their job description. CO+HOOTS and eeko studio‘s summer ninterns, Claire Thomas and Josh Menigoz, poured their heart out just for you: CLAIRE THOMAS Age: 21 Hometown:...
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Meet CO+HOOTS Foundation Executive Director Kristin Romaine

What do you get when you combine a typhoon, a tornado and a genius? You get Albert Einstein. What if you add a bad case of work ethic and a little bit of crazy? You get Kristin Romaine. She is the brain and muscle behind the CO+HOOTS Foundation, CO+HOOTS’...
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CO+HOOTS member Mike Wolfson selected for Google Developer Experts Program

CO+HOOTS member Mike Wolfson, principle of Able Android, was recently selected to participate in the Google Developer Experts Program as an Android development expert. Wolfson joins just one other Android GDE in North America; and 11 others worldwide. ...
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Alan Earl and Shane Ettestad are back at CO+HOOTS

They’ve returned home. Two former nest members who grew their businesses and previously “graduated” out of CO+HOOTS are back in the space. Entrepreneurs Alan Earl and Shane Ettestad have partnered on a team collaboration project appropriately called...
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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton praises CO+HOOTS in address

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has been one of our biggest supporters. He knows how important growing Phoenix’s entrepreneurial culture is. And for that, we are grateful. An excerpt from his March 19, 2014 State of the City address is below: “With...
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CO+HOOTS’ private office space available

When we moved to our new space on 11th Street and Washington last year, we went in with the idea that we are the home for independents. We quickly saw our lovely independent workers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and startups grow. And we’re talking...
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CO+HOOTS nintern Michelle D’Souza Q&A

We love Ninterns (ninja interns)! And the latest is Michelle D’Souza, who has already joined CO+HOOTS and eeko studio. Learn more about Michelle below: Why did you want to work at CO+HOOTS and eeko studio? I’ve always felt like I learned much...
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Meet CO+HOOTS’ new Community Director

After a long, enlightening hiring process, CO+HOOTS has found its new Community Director, Jess Roth. Jess has been chosen to help lead and grow CO+HOOTS on a full-time basis as a community connector, member liaison, marketing strategist and operations...
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Kyle Stewart judges Startup Weekend Chandler

I was very proud to be along side two seasoned entrepreneurs, Troy Busot and Eric Schedeler. If you haven’t heard of Startup Weekend, check out the website (http://startupweekend.org/). Basically you bring an idea, pitch it, form a team and have 54...
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