We’ve got Things going on

From professional and personal development programs to opportunities to truly connect with people, we have weekly events for members and non-members alike. At CO+HOOTS, we strive to provide access, continued learning and a collaborative community for all. 

We’ve got Things going on!

If you’re looking to get involved look no further. We’ve got weekly events regardless of if you’re a member of our space. We promote access, continued learning and networking events for all. So stop by and see what we’ve got going and get involved.

june, 2024


Before you succeeded, you failed. Before you became an expert, you learned. Be the person you needed when you needed help. Share your experiences and expertise with the community in our speaker series and workshops program. Be part of the rising tide that raises all ships.


Your coffee shop meeting days are over. Check availability in any of our 4 unique meeting and event spaces.

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