About the foundation

CO+HOOTS FOUNDATION is an Arizona non-profit organization and a sponsored project of the Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP AZ). Donations are tax deductible.

Founded in 2014 by Jenny Poon, Odeen Domingo and Kristin Romaine, the CO+ Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to connect communities, sectors, and humanity to build the future. We provide pro bono service, education and leadership to CO+WORK, CO+BUILD and CO+CHANGE the world.

With the announcement of the Foundation, CO+HOOTS will expand their proven coworking model to the non-profit community.

The Foundation will be the first coworking space in the world to specifically provide resources to for-profit and non-profit companies combined. It will offer programming and services when CO+HOOTS’ second location opens, which is expected to be winter 2014/spring 2015.

The new space will operate in conjunction with CO+HOOTS’ downtown Phoenix location at 11th Street and Washington Street and focus on teams of two or more and will include variable office space options as well as flex space and will combine for-profit and non-profit members.

The location of the new space has not been announced nor a timeline for its opening. CO+HOOTS leadership is currently exploring options in Phoenix and is open to any space within close proximity to light rail. It will be designed for organizations who are looking to build capacity and innovate.

CO+HOOTS Foundation will be the ideal environment for these groups to thrive and advance their missions for the benefit of many.

Sunbelt Holdings President and CEO John Graham will act as the Foundation’s Advisory Board Chair.


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Empower Success

To Increase support and education for small to mid-size for-profit and non-profit coworkers.


Co+build Community

To professionalize and incentivize skilled coworkers’ pro bono service within the Arizona borders.


Tap Talent Early

To provide young leaders early exposure to coworking opportunities and career paths.


Co+Change the World

Expose Phoenix to the national and global coworking community through unique programs.


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