Zoe Sarabo – Owner, SARABO Q&A

by | Feb 16, 2021

 Diversity in Entrepreneurship 


Zoe is the owner of SARABO a Fashion House and Consulting company that supports designers and artisans with promoting and branding their creations. This is accomplished through the production of fashion events nationally, and internationally and offering web development assistance and branding services. 

What is the story behind SARABO and how it began? 

“SARABO was started after becoming acquainted with a gentleman who spends half the year in South Africa and the other half in the United States. He convinced me to coordinate an African fashion show after learning of my interest in African Fashion. The show was the biggest of that kind at that time which was well received. I then realized that there was a need not only for African inspired clothing stores but also for events that reflected the culture.” 

“I made the decision to create my brand to provide African inspired clothing, support other brands and create events that celebrate the diversity in the culture.”

You help with multiple events such as African Fest and fashion shows. How has that experience been and what has it taught you? 

“Most people appreciate the colors, vibrancy and unique styles of African inspired fashion however it is appreciated at a distance. I consider organizing fashion shows as important in helping to tell the story of the clothing.

My goal is to make African inspired clothing as a lifestyle for anyone who appreciates fashion.”

How has COVID affected your business? 

“Most of my customers purchase items for special events that they will be attending. These events range from weddings, proms, parties and professional work events. Since the pandemic started and the state went under lockdown I experienced a sharp drop in sales. It has forced me to redirect my energies to a stronger online presence. “

Your 5 year anniversary of SARABO was last year! How did you celebrate this milestone in your business? 

“I was really hoping to coordinate a fashion event to celebrate the 5 year anniversary but unfortunately that plan had to be tabled. Instead I decided to go live every week recognizing key persons who have been supportive of me over the five years. These individuals are all professionals whom I respect for their dedication to their craft and inspiration they have given me.”