Our Honest Opinion of the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

by | Nov 3, 2020

Social media is growing exponentially and with it comes the increase in opportunities to market and grow your business digitally.   The dream of optimizing your social platform to increase traffic to your business and build a community of online supporters sounds achievable, but when you actually begin the process you might find yourself asking these questions:

  • How do I get more followers, likes, comments etc?
  • How do I know if this is actually working?
  • How do I manage all of my content ahead of time so I won’t always have to rush to post?
  • Where can I analyze my data and compare it to past weeks? 

We’ve asked ourselves the same questions and countless others. As we navigate the journey of social media marketing, we found that using an online application to help us schedule, post and review our content was the best way to get a grip on our social media marketing efforts.  Anyone who’s ever attempted to promote themselves, or their business, online has most likely come across an array of platforms to help organize posts and it can be daunting to decide which option is the best to choose. When we narrowed it down to the application that was cost effective, easy to understand and offered the most amount of resources, we found Coschedule was the best fit.  

What is Coschedule?

CoSchedule is an online marketing tool that helps you plan and schedule social media content for several platforms allowing you to post weeks in advance. Our favorite tool is their Marketing Calendar, it allows you to categorize your content into campaigns, review your content before and after it’s scheduled and examine how effective it was through the analytics feature.  When we say the Marketing Calendar is a game changer, we mean it! Not only does it cut time down, but it helps you visualize your process with the monthly calendar view and share your progress and planning easily with your team. 


How does it work + How do we use it?

You’re probably wondering how exactly does Coschedule magically post all of your content while collecting data for analytics, one word; integrations.  With the integration feature, Coschedule can post your content to a variety of different platforms such as WordPress, Bit.ly and Google analytics,but at CO+HOOTS we focus on our social media channels.  The main platforms we use are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, however, Coschedule also connects to Tumblr which is another great channel to market your business.  As we’ve mentioned, the Marketing Calendar by Coschedule is truly an effective tool to plan, post and review content but the smaller nuts and bolts are what truly make a difference in our social media marketing efforts.


  • Best Time Scheduling

Spending time googling “when are the best times to post” is no longer necessary. With the help of Coschedule’s algorithm you can choose the “Best time” option and automatically have your content pushed out during the most optimal time for reach and engagement. 

  • Conversations

Never get caught forgetting to respond to a comment or reshare of one of your posts. On the right side of the home dashboard screen you can view your most recent comments to your posts and respond in real-time.

  • Analytics 

Looking at a collection of numbers can get confusing and hard to understand but with graphs, links to top posts and the ability to compare each campaign, we’ve found that developing a social media strategy and implementing a plan of action has become a lot easier. 

  • Requeue

Having social media content pushed out on a consistent basis not only helps your audience trust your brand but also simplifies your strategy into a tangible process. Requeue allows you to share the same style of content on a repeated schedule. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant and one of your social media campaigns is “Pizza Facts Friday” you can create 3 months worth of content, schedule it out to randomly post on Fridays and you’re good to. No need to schedule or edit a post in that campaign for the next 3 months. 

Optimize your social media platform by spending time on things that matter.

When putting your best digital foot forward it’s easy to get lost in the endless amount of options to optimize your platform. Your focus and time can easily get caught up in scheduling, reviewing and analyzing your data when what really deserves your attention is the strategy and implementation. If you’re looking for a platform that can plan, schedule and save a lot of your time when it comes to social media marketing then we recommend the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule.