Meet the Dogs of CO+HOOTS!

by | Oct 12, 2017


Sampson isn’t just your average lovable brown-eyed boy — he’s legendary around the office for stealing hearts. If you have the opportunity to sit down with Sampson he would probably tell you “hav-hav” followed by a sniff, which is his polite way of asking for a belly rub. I was lucky enough to sit down with Sampson and ask him a few questions.

I started off by asking, “Are you a morning person or a night person?” He responded with a laugh and sneeze, reminding me he actually isn’t a person at all. I could feel his sense of humor melting my heart already. When I asked Sampson the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to him, he recalled the time he was playing fetch with Grey Design founder Ashley Marshall (his human) and he jumped up to catch a toy, but had the timing all wrong: “Bow wow ouch to say the least.”

Sampson and I decided to take a walk around the CO+HOOTS office. The more we walked around the more starstruck I felt. While being greeted and pet by his numerous fans, I asked Sampson if he could speak another language, what he would choose. He answered immediately with French. I asked him what made him pick the Language of Love so confidently, and he told me he wanted to flirt with all the belles of the office. Classic Sampson. I wrapped up my time with Sampson by asking him the timeless question, “Who’s a good boy?” We both knew, without question, it’s him.    


If you’re looking to meet the queen of the CO+HOOTS office, look no further than Chloe, our favorite German Shepherd. On an average day, you can find Chloe hangin’ out with the gang at Ackmann & Dickenson and enjoying the air conditioning. If Chloe lets you give her a good pet, you won’t be disappointed; in fact, if you smell your hand afterwards, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I started by asking Chloe what the weirdest nickname she’s ever had was. She gave it some thought, but then told me it was “Stop Chewing That” and that she had no clue why she was called that. I could see there was more than meets the surface with Chloe and wondered what made her so special. I asked her if there was something she disliked with no good reason for disliking it. She gave me an “arf-arf,” which clearly meant Macadamia nuts, and I couldn’t agree more myself.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the only thing Chloe and I have in common. She is also a Virgo. I wondered just how seriously Chloe took her horoscope, and she told me she doesn’t even consider her day to have started until she checks it. I asked Chloe if she would be willing to share her favorite quote with the readers of CO+HOOTS,  she shared with me the following by Chris Rock: “Ruff-ruff *double pant, sniff, a big ole tail wag* ruuufff: ruf,” or loosely translated, “There are only three things women need in life: food, water and compliments.” If you get the opportunity to sit down with Chloe, I two paws up would recommend.


Piper, aka Mr. Congeniality, is a lovable, huggable, ball of joy in the Wired PR office in CO+HOOTS. If you don’t catch Piper around the office, there’s a good chance he’s at CrossFit or doing an Agility workout, which he would recommend highly. I got the chance to sit down with Piper and I quickly learned why he is one of the most popular dogs in the office.

His secretary and owner Beth Cochran, co-founder of Wired PR, was able to squeeze me into his busy schedule and in return, I gave him a good back rub. The first thing I noticed were his impeccable muscles and how loose they are. He told me it’s all due to his Tempur-Pedic dog bed; in fact, he never travels without it. I asked Piper if there was something he did as a puppy he wishes he could still do. He gave it some thought and even chewed on his bone a moment before telling us he wished he could still sit in Mom’s (Beth’s) lap while she worked, as it was the only place comfier than his world-renowned bed.

Piper went on to tell me that he is 7 years old, but doesn’t feel a day over 3 in spirit. I wondered, was there something or someone that kept his saged spirit so young at heart? Piper told me it was a combination of “bark ruffff *sniff*” — or listening to the soundtrack for the “Wicked” musical, a good back rub and calcium-enriched dogbone every day — that did him wonders; personally, I can’t wait to try it.

I decided to wrap up my time with Piper by asking him where he sees himself over the next three years. Piper told me he looks forward to continuing to come to work at Wired PR and the CO+HOOTS office, eventually becoming the Chief Executive Officer of the company. If you want an intelligent and heartfelt conversation, look no further than the joy that is Piper.


Herbey, the curious jester of the CO+HOOTS office and Piper’s Wired PR coworker, will be quick to greet you and even quicker to give you a helping hand. Don’t let his short legs fool you — this little tank makes up in hospitality what he lacks in height.

When I asked him what he likes to do outside of the office, he told me he enjoys the occasional long walk on the beach, but he also loves sitting on his office throne. Knowing he was adopted around six months ago, I asked him if he believes that everything happens for a reason or if we create reasons for the things that happen. He nuzzled my arm with love and said everything does happen for a reason; sometimes we just don’t know the reason. My heart felt as warm as the September heat outside.

I tasked Herbey if he could dive into a pool filled with anything, what it would be. He told me, “hav-hav, *tail wag*” or “*tongue drool* bark.” I could see his ultimatum. I know I would have a hard time choosing between a pool of throw pillows or a kale and spinach salad bar, as well. I’ve met many veggie fans in my life, but few that enjoy them as much as Herbey; however, Herbey did admit he enjoys eating just about everything.

I then wondered who his celebrity inspiration was. Herbey blushed a little and confided it was Bullseye, the dog from the Target commercials. I could tell he and I would get along fabulously. Before ending my visit with Herbey, I asked him if he had any must-watch movie or TV show recommendations. He said he never misses a week of “America’s Got Talent,” but is always looking for someone to watch it with him and help in voting for his favorite acts due to his lack of opposable thumbs. If you can’t wait until Wednesday for a pick-me-up MidWeek MindTweak, talk to Herbey and satisfy all your mood-boosting needs.