Meet Ninja Intern Julia Fields

by | Sep 10, 2017

Julia Fields believes in big dreams and the power of human kindness. The first step in her plan to change the world? Channeling her elbow-licking powers at CO+HOOTS. We know Julia’s collaborative personality and curiosity will make her a force to reckon with. Get to know our new nintern as she takes the world by storm:

Hometown: Prescott Valley, AZ!

Why did you want to work at CO+HOOTS? I want the opportunity to work, network, and collaborate with like-minded and motivated individuals!

What are your hopes and dreams at CO+HOOTS? My hopes and dreams at CO+HOOTS are to learn as much as I can in as many areas as I can!

Members in CO+HOOTS may be able to help you as well… What are your own personal hopes and dreams? My personal dreams are to change the world through the power of human kindness. I dream of a world where everyone is inspired to love and get along for the betterment of mankind. Slightly cliché, I know, but sometimes that’s the best part about dreams. They’re allowed to be anything you want.

If you had 100 billion dollars, you would… If I had 100 billion dollars I would set up saving accounts for all my nieces and nephews, as well as any potential future children, set money aside to finishing school, indulge in a shopping spree, then go to work combating the issues limiting the world to clean water and food.

What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you? The CO+HOOTS community should know I am very curious, if I don’t know about something I want to be taught and never belittled.

What is one thing people don’t know about you? One thing not many people know about me is I have the back of my neck pierced!

Why are you so awesome? I think I am so awesome because I can lick my elbow, which is the core of all my powers.