5 reasons to go to CO+HOOTS Foundation’s Free Financial Advisement Days

by | May 2, 2017

If you’ve heard us shouting from the midtown rooftops about free financial advisement days at CO+HOOTS, it’s not a rumor.

The CO+HOOTS Foundation is incredibly excited to be partnering with BBVA Compass to help entrepreneurs better grasp financial opportunities and grow! Here’s why you should take advantage of these valuable monthly sessions (and come back every last Tuesday of the month):

1. You gain professional feedback about diverse topics. The Foundation’s free financial advisement days are private sessions personalized to your venture. Whether you want to learn about different types of loans available to you, the criteria that banks look for, or how to establish a company, BBVA has expert knowledge for you. They’re here to talk to you about your financial questions and hesitations.

2. Your business will thank you. Many business banking accounts start out under personal names with strong financials as a minor step. By heading to BBVA now, you can have a good foundation to be more efficient and proactive from the start.

“It’s worth your time to come to us as a source of knowledge to help you become bankable,” said Israel Ortiz, VP, Business Banking Officer at BBVA Compass.

3. It’s a safe space to talk. Your 30-minute session is all about helping you de-stress. Talk to BBVA reps about your concerns and openly ask questions. There will be no pressure to work with BBVA in the future and you will gain valuable ideas for your financial needs.

4. Free is a deal you can’t beat. Get the best bang for no buck by coming to these financial advisement sessions. BBVA is helping you just out of passion for boosting small businesses, entrepreneurs and the CO+HOOTS Foundation. The best part is, you may actually earn money based on their advice!

5. It’s a networking opportunity. The BBVA team loves meeting new people. Exchange business cards with them, and perhaps with other dedicated entrepreneurs in our coworking space while you’re here! You never know how the people you network with will change your professional future.

Next time you see us giving BBVA a loving shout out, we welcome you to shout back, “We love them, too!” Or something awesome. We trust you.