CO+HOOTS Member Profile: The Good Vibe Media and its positive perspective

by | Oct 15, 2016

We all have important milestones in life. Birthdays, marriage, the magical night you attended Forever in CO+HOOTS — the list goes on. But when it comes to turning those beautiful milestones into lasting memories, there’s only one company to call: The Good Vibe Media.

The Good Vibe Media is a video production company specializing in wedding, event and brand videos. Its team members create movement and liveliness out of practically any story — but they don’t follow a script. At the core of The Good Vibe Media’s storytelling is a sturdy sense of pride for its mission: to communicate authentic messages to every client’s audience, with a positive twist.

“Every single one of my videographers, we’re all aligned the same way,” said Carly Gilleland, founder of the company. “We love making media and producing video, but we also like to make sure that it has some kind of positive message behind it. It has that good vibe. We really like bringing that to the table for each client that we work with.”

While The Good Vibe Media is young, having been established in August, the deep passion for positive, storytelling that runs the business was established long ago.

Carly has been involved in video production for 10 years. After graduating with a degree in film studies at California State University, Long Beach, she worked as a freelancer, developing a strong client base of individuals, nonprofits and mission-driven companies. But even before her credentials were established, Carly was creating impactful videos, telling moving stories originating from her own home.

“The very first feature story I did was actually on my sister, who has special needs,” Carly said. “I saw how much of an impact it had on people that were watching it. That inspired me to produce more stories that would inspire and evoke some emotion in a positive way.”


Even as media is becoming inescapable, Carly said that today’s saturated photo industry leaves an overabundance of still images and a shortage of movement and sound. This makes good videographers — especially those who seek to be impactful — even more crucial.

“We want to produce videos of people who are really making a positive impact on their community, or have a product or service that’s doing some good for other people, or just have that purpose or mission,” Carly said. “They inspire. They create. I think that’s the importance. There’s so many stories, so many mission statements out there. We want to help spread that word through video.”

To achieve this, Carly gets to know her clients on a personal level. She gets to know their interests, their passions and their beliefs to maximize the impact of each message.

One of The Good Vibe Media’s most impactful projects has been a music video that helped promote The Commit Campaign, a movement dedicated to breaking stigmas against mental health. In this, Carly and her team were able to understand the personal stories of people affected by suicide and depression, while breaking the stigma in their own way: by creating media to communicate these messages to a mass audience.

As a CO+HOOTS member, The Good Vibe Media sees an alignment of interests in spreading missions, networking and reinforcing an altruistic community of members.

“Not only is it an inspiring place to work — just to be surrounded by so many creative entrepreneurs, that’s inspiring — but it’s been an awesome network and community for us to be a part of too,” Carly said. “We feed off of that, so hopefully, we can help a lot of people in here.”

With Carly’s perpetually positive spirit brightening up CO+HOOTS, it’s no surprise that The Good Vibe Media is impacting the community, one step at a time.

“It’s helping tell stories that need to be heard,” Carly said. “Each production that we do, there’s purpose and meaning behind it. Not only are we telling their story and getting it out there and publishing it out into the world, but we’re also creating a little community in itself, where one of our clients might be looking for a certain nonprofit or cause, or a certain business or product, and we can help connect the dots.”