Meg Taylor brings 17 years of experience to CO+HOOTS Foundation

by | Jan 10, 2016 | Blog, ninterns, People

Meg Taylor is more than a doer.

But that’s exactly what she does best.

Got big dreams? Big goals?

That’s nice. Now let’s turn those into reality. With actual steps. With an actual plan.

Meg comes into her new position as an intern and interim program coordinator of the CO+HOOTS Foundation with 17 years of nonprofit experience, starting her career by answering phones and maintaing databases to eventually writing multimillion dollar grants and planning major fundraising events for organizations and theaters across the Valley.   

“I really appreciate the way that CO+HOOTS highly values engaged connection,” says Meg, who has worked in housing, social services and the arts in Phoenix, Avondale, San Diego and Las Vegas. “Creating community in a healthy and supportive way means nurturing connection, harnessing innovation, stoking creativity and encouraging dynamism, qualities and approaches that CO+HOOTS fosters. I want to be in the middle of that experience and embrace those values wholeheartedly.”

Meg, who has a husband and two “hilarious and brilliant children, as is proper,” is currently studying Health Sciences at Arizona State and will be with the Foundation at least through the spring semester.

“Over the next semester, I hope to work toward building the Foundation into a touchstone of utility and creativity for the community it serves,” she says. “As for myself, as I work this next semester, I hope to create a system that allows the Foundation to blossom into that heart, as well as fostering connections with the wider community in a healthy, sustainable, and active way.”

She will be helping the Foundation with its small business scaling program that will begin this spring and will benefit at least 10 local small  businesses. She will also assist the Foundation with public fundraising to support the organization’s programs as well as helping the Foundation refine and build out its mission and vision.

“I am really passionate about serving people, and hearing people’s stories, hence the lifelong non-profit streak,” Meg says. “I am an optimist and an introvert, and am looking forward to being in a community environment so I have someone eat my bread experiments.

“I hope for the CO+HOOTS community to continue to be encouraging and thinking creatively, present me with challenges and trust me to ask for help if I need it and to teach me what they know!”

NOTE: Kristin Romaine resigned as executive director of the CO+HOOTS Foundation on Dec. 31, 2015. Each CO+HOOTS staff and member wholeheartedly thank Kristin for her time, energy, ideas and passion that she brought to the Foundation.