Trade Know-How With Your Coworkers: Announcing ‘Office Hours’

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Blog, collaborations, People

Get advice and insight from your fellow CO+HOOTians. Then return the favor.

Every CO+HOOTS coworker has a question to ask. Fortunately, every coworker also has an answer to give. Knowledge is its own currency around here at CO+HOOTS. Starting now, we’re giving it a new chance to flow.

Announcing “office hours.”

It’s what your professors used to do, but way more relevant to your life as it is now. Anyone with a Frequent Flyer membership or higher can now access a Google Calendar listing the office hours for any member who has posted them.

Office hours, if you don’t know, is a recurring time slot during which a person has vowed to be available for questions, to help out, and to generally be awesome for those who need some awesome. And it has a few major benefits.

“I really like the idea of set times,” says CO+HOOTS member Amelia Boli, “because I don’t like to intrude on people. So knowing there’s a time the person has said, ‘Yes, come bug me for as long as you want,’ that makes it very open to me.”

Amelia also sees how much can be gained by taking advantage of the service. “As someone who is thinking about starting her own business, and who really changed what my life is going to look like, it’s nice to know there’s a lot of different resources here that I can ask people questions about — how to start a business, or what you’d want your website to look like.”

For her part, Amelia is giving her fellow members a chance to chat her up about Swift (Apple’s programming language), iOS development, networking, women in tech, and something she likes to call “recareering” (the art of switching careers mid-swing). If you’re not in the mood to get schooled and just want to hang out with someone new, she’s also happy to talk about board games. You can find her on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

Why post her own office hours?

“That’s hard to answer,” she says, “because it seems so obvious to me. I mean, why wouldn’t you do it?”

Fine point.

Whatever the skill, office hours are a way to let people know more about you, help out a few peers, and even learn more about skills and services you might need for your own business.

To access the calendar, just head to the front desk and ask. This info will automatically be emailed to new members.

If you’re already a member, go post your office hours. Make the currency move.