CO+llaborations: Wiblits hires Baarson and Yellow Leaf Creative for brand identity project

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Blog, collaborations, People

CO+HOOTS, downtown Phoenix’s first and largest coworking community, has fostered collaboration between member companies since its founding in 2010. Collaboration and community have been CO+HOOTS’ key elements and are two of the major reasons the space has become a leader and trendsetter in the coworking world.

This is the first in a monthly series documenting recent collaborations that happen among members of the CO+HOOTS community.

Member Colin Turner hired fellow members Vince Baarson, graphic designer and head illustrator at Baarson, and John Huber, founder and head creative chief at Yellow Leaf Creative, to build the brand identity for his company Wiblits, a community mini-gaming platform where you can play simple 1-minute games against your communities in real-time or on-demand. Watch their story in the below video: (And don’t forget to change the HD settings to 720 HD!)

Check out the Wiblits brand identity project:

More from Colin Turner on the project:

There were lots of people in CO+HOOTS to potentially collaborate with. So I talked with a few of them and ended up looking at portfolios and got input from them. And John and Vince ended up being the perfect people to do work with.

The Wiblits prototype was basically launched in CO+HOOTS so it was really valuable to have people get the feel for what it was going to be in the future so it made this collaboration seamless.

It was really my first project I’ve done with designers so it was really important for me that we can all meet in person and really hash it out rather than doing it virtually or over email. CO+HOOTS is great at a lot of things, including housing many quality designers. So it was not only being able to launch the product here but there was also opportunity to collaborate with people and meet with them as much as possible.

More from Vince Baarson:

We wanted to have more of a cohesive process. Custom fonts play so much into the brand identity. So it made more sense for us to team up.

It was awesome to work with them. I didn’t really have too much of an expectation of what it would be like. I haven’t been able to collaborate on a project with another designer before. And all of my clients are remote. So it was awesome to be able to meet in person with him and be int he same space with John and collaborate with him. We were able to talk about the nuances of the design. It made it a much stronger piece.

CO+HOOTS played a big role in us collaborating with each other. This is where I met both Colin and John. So there’s always a small chance we could have met up at some point. But honestly, CO+HOOTS played a big part.

More from John Huber:

Colin was originally meeting with me to work on a logo. And he originally was talking to Vince about a new font. When I met Vince a while ago, I was looking forward to an opportunity to work together. So when I found out Colin was talking to both with us, I went to Colin to with an idea of all of us teaming up together to work on the brand identity. To put both of our efforts into it.

As a creative, I’m always looking for working with others. It’s cool that it actually happened. We’re both fans of the Wiblits game. Colin and Vince were some of the first people I met when I started working here at CO+HOOTS. So working on a product that we already like and that like what he’s doing with the company, for him to ask us to create something for him was really cool. And working with Vince was great. Having a designer to help me narrow down ideas and all those things that come with brainstorming over one project, I was able to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. I suggested things to Vince and vice versa. When I was pairing it down to two different logo comps to show, Vince came in with fresh eyes and gave me something I never thought of yet.

I was just working from home before CO+HOOTS. So CO+HOOTS gave Vince and I a place where we can work together easily. We would work on the project and be able to say, “Hey, let’s meet a half an hour on this.” And we would. It also gave us a place to meet Colin and find out his needs and get information to formulate the brand and logo ideas. All of our meetings took place at CO+HOOTS. Most of the actual work I did was here as well.

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