CO+HOOTS Music Video: Members Coming “Home”

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Blog, People

CO+HOOTS has always been about the community and not the physical space.

It’s what has made us successful as a coworking space these last four years; why people become members here and, more recently, why people have returned to become members after a short hiatus away.

Three former long-standing members have returned to CO+HOOTS after working elsewhere. And we felt like we should commemorate it with a music video. Enjoy (or cringe):

(Don’t forget to choose to watch the video in HD! Hit settings icon on bottom right of video player and click 720HD)

Matt Clower is a large part of CO+HOOTS lore and history. He is known as the space’s first follower, the first ever member after founders Jenny Poon and Odeen Domingo.

Shane Ettestad of Volo Digital was a nest member who has grown large enough to occupy one of CO+HOOTS’ two private offices.

The other private office is home to Tina Garza’s accounting firm, Accountingprose. Garza, who was also once a nest member as a one-person company, said she loves CO+HOOTS because she is able to meet “really incredible people.”

“They are passionate about their business and they learn something new every day,” she said. “I love the enthusiasm and the collaborative vibe, because I get to be surrounded by people who get that working together will make everyone better. I will even work with other bookkeepers and accountants because I think that we can all find ways to improve our internal process and serve people even better. I also think that my bottom line has improved drastically because people see that we are doing good work and care about our clients and our staff. It is a win all around.

“CO+HOOTS is constantly looking for ways to connect and educate people. I think our collective wisdom has grown, which has helped smaller businesses reach maturity at a faster pace. The environment accelerates knowledge, which fuels growth. People who were just forming their entities when I left are now doing incredibly well, which makes me very happy.”

Others who have returned to CO+HOOTS to renew their memberships after a short hiatus are Alan Earl of Local One and developer Olu Ayandosu.