Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton praises CO+HOOTS in address

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Blog, People

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has been one of our biggest supporters. He knows how important growing Phoenix’s entrepreneurial culture is. And for that, we are grateful.

An excerpt from his March 19, 2014 State of the City address is below:

“With a network of coworking spaces, business accelerators and incubators, we’ve ignited the Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. In central Phoenix alone, SeedSpot is helping start-ups get on their feet. And downtown, CO+HOOTS is giving young entrepreneurs a place to thrive.

And with leadership from Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, we’re taking that to the next level. He helped launch the Hive at the Burton Barr Central Library, part of ASU’s Alexandria Coworking Network. We’ll soon be working to expand that concept throughout the city. Thank you, Councilman Valenzuela.

And in partnership with ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability, one of the City’s waste transfer stations will host an incubator for scientists and entrepreneurs in recycling and resource recovery.

Here in Phoenix, we get it. We know how important it is to build an environment that gives artists, architects, software engineers and young professionals the opportunity to work side-by-side and share ideas. That kind of organic collaboration makes us more competitive and attractive to promising entrepreneurs.

And our ability to offer ultra-fast high speed Internet service is fundamental to our competitiveness. It’s about more than downloading movies faster. It spurs innovation and creativity, bringing entrepreneurs together and accelerating economic development.

The importance of our Innovation Infrastructure is why we are working directly with Google to bring its ultra-fast high speed Fiber to Phoenix. The Google Fiber network can deliver speeds up to 100 times faster than the average Internet connection – for about the same price. Those Internet speeds may seem ambitious, but they’re a daily reality in Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto and Barcelona. They have to be here as well.”