Start-up Spotlight: Phocus

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Blog

Interview by Keith Mulvin

Phillip Felice founded Phocus, a company specializing in iPhone hardware that enhances the phone’s existing camera with instant upgrades, in 2011. Phocus is based at Center of Entrepreneurial Innovation in Phoenix.

I had a chance to sit-down with Phillip to learn how he took his idea to market.

Keith: Why did you start Phocus?

Phillip: Phocus was founded out of necessity. Some friends wanted to record a moped race they were in, but they couldn’t afford the expensive gear it required. So we decided to find a cool way record the race with our iPhone.

Keith: All great ideas start from necessity. So what did you do next?

Phillip: Just starting with a napkin and a sketch, we took the concept into solid modeling then into rapid prototype. This gave us different forms to work with, giving us six to work with. We then took that prototype into tooling for molding making. From there, the real product was actually born.

Keith: Ha! That sounds simple enough.

Phillip: You have to remember while all that is going on, you have to get other people on-board with your vision, people on-board with your dream, making sure they understand you are taking this seriously. You have to push yourself harder than you thought you ever would and be OK with that.

Keith: That sounds rough. Why do you do it?

Phillip: I like going from nothing and turning it into something. In addition, we want our products to open doors for budding filmmakers who may not have the budget to go out and buy expensive gear.

Keith: Inspiring! Thank you for your time, Phillip.

NOTE: To learn more, check out the Phocus‘ website or meet Phillip at one of the many events at CEI.

The Phocus product is a light weight casing that allows for lens, microphone and tripod mounting. In addition, there is a built-in shoe mount that securely holds a camera flash or microphone; and a textured finish ergonomic handle for easy gripping similar to a professional grade camera body.

Filmmakers across the country use Phocus for their videography and photography needs.

“All my shooting days start when I slide my iPhone into my Phocus and finish when I remove it. Phocus is the only gear that I use for sure all day, everyday.”

– Conrad Mess, 11-time award winning iPhone filmmaker