A conversation @ CO+HOOTS: Featuring Eric & Beth

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Blog

We love when our members collaborate, but that’s easier when our members get to know each other. 

On Friday, July 19th 2013, we sent Beth Cochran and Eric Lennox to lunch with a bunch of questions to ask each other, they assured us they would be hungry.

Beth: I’ve seen your work from around the world and I’m impressed! You really have a passion for the work you do.

Eric: I love the creative process. I get to draw and play around in 3D, creating spaces that people love.

Beth: That sounds like fun!

Eric: The best part is traveling around the world to visit the resort and commercial work that we do.

Beth: Do you have a project you’re most proud of?

Eric: Right now, we’re working in Egypt on a private island off the Red Sea.

Beth: Wow! Any plans for a satellite coworking space for us CO+HOOTIANS in Egypt?

Eric: That is my next project.

Beth: Perfect! Speaking of CO+HOOTS, have you collaborated with anyone out of the space?

Eric: A bunch of people! I’ve teamed up with some members on graphic work and during a brown bag design session, I got some SEO recommendations that lead to a big project in LA!

Beth: It’s amazing how serendipity works. It seems like you’re in the right place at the right time. Where would you like to see yourself in the next few years?

Eric: We would like to expand to approximately 10 employees, while staying a boutique design firm, continuing our work around the world.

Beth: How do you envision this happening? eric

Eric: Staying true to our vision: To Create Compelling Places.

Beth: I can’t wait to see these places you’ve mentioned! You make it sounds so easy, but I’m sure it’s hard work. What are some of the things you’ve learned along the way?

Eric: I’ll try to summarize a lifetime’s worth of work into three sentences;

1. Stay ambitious and have the courage to get through the tough times,

2. Keep moving, and

3. Ask questions.

Beth: I love how that can be applied to any startup or entrepreneur! Just one last question; do you do residential projects?

Eric: Haha! For you, yes.

Eric is a leader in landscape design with 12 years of internationally-acclaimed work at Artifex10. His award winning designs can be found all around the world from Dubai and Europe to North America.