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At CO+HOOTS, we’ve invested over a decade to help hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and startups launch, scale and fail safely. We’re making these programs and lessons even more accessible by bringing it all together for students at Benedictine University Mesa.


Program Overview

Entrepreneurship Taught By Entrepreneurs

CO+HOOTS Coworking and Benedictine University Mesa have collaborated to develop an intensive entrepreneur immersion program to nurture, improve and accelerate students’ entrepreneurial traits and skills. The CO+HOOTS Institute for Entrepreneurship at Benedictine University Mesa is a program that is the only one of its kind in the U.S.

Students will learn through parallel educational pathways: the theoretical learning provided by Benedictine University Mesa will happen in the classroom and through CO+HOOTS, they will put those theories in action while being surrounded and supported by established entrepreneur leaders.

Students will build, launch and grow sustainable businesses with the guidance of CO+HOOTS’ leadership team and within CO+HOOTS’ coworking space in Mesa. The skills learned from tackling business problems are transferable proficiencies that will arm them with a competitive advantage in any future endeavor.

Building a business can be incredibly defeating. We counter this by placing students alongside our vast community of innovators — quickly expanding a student’s access to an advisor network and resources for their future career development. Our network of experts serve as mentors, sponsors, guides and even employers for students as they move through this program.

CO+HOOTS is consistently featured as one of the most innovative coworking spaces in the nation because of our commitment to education and fearless fight for a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem.
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This is a big deal. … CO+HOOTS cultivating a new coworking community and BenU students gaining insight into entrepreneurship will add depth to our growing innovation district.”


John Giles
City of Mesa, Mayor

“Entrepreneurship is critical to the future success of our country. It has been energizing to watch CO+HOOTS evolve and grow businesses over the years … and now they’re landing in downtown Mesa! This is a project that will positively impact the strength and sustainability of our community.


Jeremy Whittaker
City of Mesa, Councilmember

“We’re proud to be able to help bring CO+HOOTS to downtown Mesa’s Innovation District and we are excited to witness the impact they will bring to the students of Benedictine University Mesa.


Kevin Broeckling
Benedictine University Mesa, CEO

“I am also excited that CO+HOOTS will be coming to downtown Mesa to partner with BenU to foster entrepreneurship right here in the heart of our Innovation District.”


Jenn Duff
City of Mesa, Councilmember
Program Milestones

A Roadmap to Success

The goal of this one-of-a-kind program is to introduce students across academic disciplines to real-world innovation. Students will work alongside dynamic entrepreneurs in a vibrant and supportive ecosystem that will help build vital skills to become some of tomorrow’s most innovative leaders. Our program focuses on four milestones:
Finding your passion and generating your business ideas
Building your experiences and launching your venture
Activating your passion and refining ideas
Iterate, Pivot and Pitch!
The CO+hoots institute ecosystem

Innovation Doesn’t Happen In Isolation

The success of entrepreneurs is heavily dependent on the ecosystem that supports them. Learn about the CO+HOOTS Institute ecosystem that will support our student entrepreneurs.


Expert Educators

Surrounded by established entrepreneurs and expert educators, students will see the realities of entrepreneurship and work alongside leaders who are building some of the nation’s fastest scaling companies


Innovative Workspace

Our globally recognized space has been home to some of the fastest growing startups and businesses. Built for collaboration, our space functions as a living breathing support structure for entrepreneurs.


Immersive Entrepreneur Training

Our applied learning model takes students through real projects in the community. A student will go through the process of identifying a problem, building a solution, launching that solution and scaling it.


In-person & Online Resource Hub

Pop into one of the 50+ speaker sessions or search our robust online learning platform to level up skills. Here, you can find solutions, tools and resources to help you move through business challenges as they come up.


Expansive Advisor Network

Experts from around the Valley have joined our Advisor Network to support emerging entrepreneurs. Search our database to find an expert and schedule a time to chat. It’s that simple.


Ongoing Support and Guidance

Regular check-ins and guidance from our entrepreneur-in-residence leaders will support every student’s learning style.

Fall Enrollment Materials


We welcome any questions on our University partnerships. Feel free to contact us to learn more.