“CO+HOOTS is giving young entrepreneurs a place to thrive.”
- Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

CO+HOOTS Foundation showcases designer and nonprofit pairings for Pro Bono Week

By Taylor Brightwell, Downtown Devil, November 24, 2014

The CO+HOOTS Foundation hosted a gallery event Friday night at Treeo to display their project from Pro Bono Week. The Impact event showcased the infographics made for 10 local nonprofits by 10 local graphic designers.

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CO+HOOTS to start international exchange program connecting with global entrepreneurs

By Becky Brisley, Downtown Devil, November 21, 2014

Members of CO+HOOTS, a Phoenix coworking space, are creating an exchange program to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs in cities across the globe.

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Growing A Business By Giving Back With Matthew Manos

By Beth Cochran, Success Lab, November 19, 2014

Matthew Manos is an neo-philanthropist, creative director, author, and founder of verynice, a global design company that dedicates more than 50% of its work to free services for nonprofits. Matt was also named one of Seven Millennials Changing the World by The Huffington Post. Whew! And I’m leaving quite a bit out.

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SuccessLab, hosted at CO+HOOTS, Supports Local Entrepreneurs

By Beth Cochran, Downtown Phoenix Journal, November 18, 2014

SuccessLab is a mastermind group in which entrepreneurs collaborate to overcome challenges in their individual businesses, and discover ways to grow, and be more productive and efficient. It’s like a brain trust of sorts for entrepreneurs.

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Global entrepreneur exchange program launched

By Sophia Kunthara, The Arizona Republic / azcentral.com, November 14, 2014

A local organization and a Phoenix city councilman have launched a global entrepreneurship exchange program that will bring entrepreneurs from around the world to share their expertise and find solutions for local issues.

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CO+HOOTS’ CO+EXCHANGE program and its first CO+EXCHANGER

By Daniel Valenzuela, Ch. 11 DTV, November 13, 2014

Phoenix Councilman Daniel Valenzuela interviews CO+HOOTS and CO+HOOTS Foundation Co-Founder Odeen Domingo and a very nice design studio founder Matthew Manos on his Ch. 11 TV show.

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Nerds unite! Software company expands to Phoenix (in CO+HOOTS), plans to hire more than 150

By Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal, November 12, 2014

The Nerdery has brought its group of passionate nerds working in Web, software and mobile app development to Phoenix.

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CO+HOOTS gets festive with an interactive skeleton

By Kari Lake, Fox 10 , October 31, 2014

It’s pretty awesome, we’re having a good time, he’s a little scary,” said a worker.

Some folks at CO+HOOTS built the “Hoot Reaper” to have a little fun with on the job.

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Co+Hoots hosts its first Co+Exchanger for Pro Bono Week

By Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal, October 24, 2014

Co+Hoots Foundation has startedCo+Exchanges as an entrepreneur and co-worker exchange program and welcomed its first co+exchanger this week.

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CO+HOOTS Launches Co+Exchange Trip to Italy

By Kristin Romaine, Downtown Phoenix Journal, October 22, 2014

When Jenny Poon and I originally outlined the strategic vision of the CO+HOOTS Foundation, we decided one of the the impact areas would be called “CO+CHANGE THE WORLD.” I knew in my heart that we would do it, I just wasn’t aware it would happen this quickly.

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CO+HOOTS ranked as one of nation’s top coworking spaces

By Angelique Soenarie, The Arizona Republic / azcentral.com , September 30, 2014

CO+HOOTS, a coworking space in downtown Phoenix has been ranked 8th on a list of the nation’s top 75 coworking spaces. The list was compiled by Symmetry50, which provides bookkeeping services for small businesses.

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Top 75 coworking spaces in the nation list

Symmetry50, September 22, 2014

Working from home sounds great but after a while it can get lonely and boring. You start to miss the camaraderie of the office and you notice your days are much more productive when you get out of the house and work at a coffee shop. While cafes can be great workplaces they start to feel like you should move on after a few hours. Co-working spaces combine all of the best thing about working in an office and try to remove the negatives. Here are our choices for the top 75 in the U.S.

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Phoenix Mayor pulls up a chair and CO+HOOTS with the community

By Tishin Donkersley , AZ Tech Beat, August 13, 2014

Ever co-worked with your Mayor? Today City of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton along with Phoenix Councilman Daniel Valenzuela and Valley entrepreneurs pulled up a chair for CO+HOOTS’ 4th birthday and co-worked with the community.

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CO+HOOTS founder gathers entrepreneurs under one roof

By Alison Stanton, Arizona Republic, July 07, 2014

Jenny Poon was inspired to open CO+HOOTS, a collaborative workspace located in Phoenix, by the success of her own graphic design company, eeko studio.

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Top 10 Arizona companies: Incubators and accelerators

Arizona Republic, July 07, 2014

Here are the top 10 Arizona incubators and accelerators.

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CO+HOOTS starts foundation and plans to open second coworking space

By Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal, June 12, 2014

Phoenix coworking space CO+HOOTS has launched a foundation to allow its more than 100 members and other local small businesses, entrepreneurs and co-workers a chance to get more involved in the community.

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Featured Companies That Are Doing More Than Just Storytelling

Points of Light, Billion + Change Newsletter, May 09, 2014

Are you in cahoots with a Billion + Change?

The rise of co-working spaces in redefining the way we work. Impact Hubs from Seattle to Los Angeles to Singapore and Seoul are cropping up as innovation labs and social enterprise centers offering collaborative communities and work spaces for creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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CO+WORK, CO+BUILD, CO+CHANGE – PHX CO+HOOTS launches non-profit arm

By Ryan Loebe, AZ Tech Beat, May 08, 2014

CO+HOOTS, downtown Phoenix’s largest coworking community, has announced the launch of a charitable non-profit arm: CO+HOOTS Foundation, which will focus on building business educational opportunities, nurturing a stronger coworking community and providing pro bono service to the non-profit sector.

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CO+HOOTS Launches Nonprofit Foundation in Phoenix

By Katie Johnson, Phoenix New Times, May 07, 2014

CO+HOOTS is downtown Phoenix’s largest co-working community space and it just got a lot more communal.

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Stanton: Phoenix has made great strides, must expand trade and transportation for future

By Travis Arbon, Downtown Devil, March 20, 2014

In his third State of the City address, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton praised the city’s current direction while urging action on education, transportation and international trade….

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Mayor Stanton’s ‘Celebrate Downtown’ Address

By DPJ Staff, Downtown Phoenix Journal, March 03, 2014

On Saturday, March 1, Artlink Inc., in partnership with Downtown Phoenix Inc. hosted the Art d’Core Gala at Crescent Ballroom, which featured Mayor Greg Stanton giving his first “Celebrate Downtown” address….

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Coworking: Doing Business Communally

By Stina Sieg, 91.5 KJZZ, December 19, 2013

There’s cubical culture, and then there’s coworking culture. Coworking happens when completely different businesses share a communal workspace. The hope is that they will also share ideas. The concept is popping up around the country and the Valley….


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Manifesto Project aims to unite young leaders

By Kimberly Koerth, The Downtown Devil, August 21, 2013

Three sticky notes. A sheet of garage sale price stickers. A room full of young leaders.The concept is simple, but the Manifesto Project’s goal is much more far-reaching. Young leaders gathered at CO+HOOTS coworking space just outside downtown Phoenix Tuesday to brainstorm ideas for youth leadership retention in an event hosted by The Manifesto Project…

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5 Favorite Places to Nerd Out in Metro Phoenix

By Laura Armenta, Phoenix New Times, August 14, 2013

This entrepreneur-driven collaborative workspace is the perfect place to settle in with like-minded people and get inspired. If you enjoy nerding out with fellow creatives and working alongside fun, local business-driven people, then Co+Hoots is the place for you. With dozens of local businesses working together under one roof, this space may be just what you need to get yourself out of that small business funk…

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CO+HOOTS Helps Tucson Coworking Take Flight

By Courtney McCune , Downtown Phoenix Journal, July 02, 2013

The vibrancy of the Downtown Phoenix community can be largely attributed to the spirit of creativity and collaboration amongst its residents, businesses and stakeholders…

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Space Spotlight! CO+HOOTS

By KristinD, the WORK SPOT, June 30, 2013

A new coworking space seems to pop up almost daily, but there are a few spaces that stand out in our eyes…

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Jenny Poon Brings Phoenix Entrepreneurs Together At CO+HOOTS

By Lauren Fach , GrowSouthwest.com, June 05, 2013

Jenny Poon, a dedicated and hardworking entrepreneur, sat down with GrowSouthwest.com to talk about how she founded the CO+HOOTS co-working space in downtown Phoenix and her own graphic design company eeko studio

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CO+HOOTS coworking space looks to add second location, take on more members

By Rachael Coukoulis, Downtown Devil, April 30, 2013

Coworking space CO+HOOTS is discussing a second Phoenix location to the relief of businesses that are competing to be a part of the company…

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CO+HOOTS featured on codingacrossamerica.com

By Matt Makai , Coding Across America, April 17, 2013

CO+HOOTS is a co-working space located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

CO+HOOTS was started by Jenny Poon about three years ago. Before starting her co-working space, Jenny worked on independent graphic design contracts at home. She was bored without social interaction and it negatively impacted her design creativity. Jenny got a group of fellow entrepreneurs and started CO+HOOTS…

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CO+HOOTS creator adds entrepreneurial spark to Washington Row

By Alexandra Scoville, Downtown Devil, January 25, 2013

As soon as she enters, Jenny Poon brings a new energy to the already bustling, warm CO+HOOTS building. The shared workspace is an old auto shop renovated to remain industrious but also modern, with local art, inspirational quotes and images of owls littered liberally about…

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Downtown’s Co+Hoots Gets a Coffee Shop

By Laura Hahnefeld, Phoenix New Times, January 23, 2013

Co+Hoots, the collaborative, co-working space for creative entrepreneurs in downtown Phoenix, is set to host a start-up shop of the caffeine kind right inside its walls…

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Phoenix’s Washington Row touted as entrepreneurial hub

By Eugene Scott, The Republic | azcentral.com, January 04, 2013

Phoenix leaders are launching Washington Row, a corridor in downtown Phoenix that they hope will turn downtown Phoenix into a national entrepreneurial leader…

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CO+HOOTS Moves into New Spot

By Courtney McCune, Downtown Phoenix Journal, November 05, 2012

CO+HOOTS, the downtown Phoenix co-working space, landed at its new home at 1027 E. Washington St. The move is part of a larger collaboration among local co-working spaces and incubators to create an entrepreneurial business corridor known as “Washington Row.”

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CO+HOOTS moves to new location

By Miguel Otarola, Downtown Devil, November 05, 2012

The loft in MonOrchid, a multi-use venue in downtown Phoenix, is no longer filled with members of the coworking business CO+HOOTS, which moved Saturday to its new space at Washington and 11th Streets…

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Graphic designer creating collaborative space

By J. Craig Anderson, Arizona Republic, November 03, 2012

When Jenny Poon, founder of CO+HOOTS, looks at an office building, she sees a potential catalyst for collaboration and mutual benefit among its occupants.

With that idea in mind, this professional graphic designer and serial entrepreneur has been working for the past three months on what she hopes will be the ultimate collaborative workspace.

Read about the growth of CO+HOOTS and the planning that went into the buildout for the new location on Washington & 10th Street…

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CO+HOOTS streams Mashable’s Social Good Summit

By Kimberly Koerth, Downtown Devil, September 24, 2012

Phoenicians converged at monOrchid Monday to join more than 30,000 global citizens in streaming Mashable’s Social Good Summit, carrying the international conversation to downtown Phoenix…

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Co+Hoots expanding to larger Phoenix location

By Tim Gallen, Phoenix Business Journal, July 26, 2012

Co+Hoots, a co-working space for creative entrepreneurs in downtown Phoenix, will relocate to a larger location to help spearhead Washington Row, a new coalition of business incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.

The relocation and new space, dubbed Co+Hoots 2.0, will launch Oct. 1 in a renovated auto shop at 1027 E. Washington St. in Phoenix…

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Update: CO+HOOTS to enter budding downtown entrepreneurial corridor

By Matt Longdon, Downtown Devil, July 19, 2012

The downtown community workspace CO+HOOTS will be moving in August to a new location in the “entrepreneurial corridor” on Washington Street, according to a press release.

CO+HOOTS, the only shared workspace in the downtown area that caters to small businesses, is relocating to accommodate growth, which “is a good problem to have,” manager Ross Loftin said…

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Mayor Stanton visits CO+HOOTS

By Arrow & Apple, Arrow & Apple, March 13, 2012

Mayor Greg Stanton takes some time to drop by Co+Hoots and discuss the state of co working and entrepreneurship in downtown Phoenix…

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CO+HOOTS celebrates its one-year anniversary

By Mary Richardson, Downtown Devil, July 07, 2011

The downtown community workspace CO+HOOTScelebrated its one-year anniversary on Friday…

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Phoenix joins national co-working trend with CO+HOOTS

By Jessica VanZalen, AZ Republic, September 09, 2010

Jenny Poon says the co-working trend is starting to pay off for her…

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CO+HOOTS Launches Co-Working Office Space in Phoenix

By Jennifer LeClaire, A Better Office, June 18, 2010

Do you like to get in cahoots with other creative professionals, but you are isolated in your home office space? CO+HOOTS , a creative coworking facility in Phoenix, aims to solve that problem for you for a few dollars a month…

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Co+Hoots Gives Phoenix Creative Professionals a Place to Call “Work”

AZ Tech Beat

Over the last decade years, more and more professionals have been able to forgo the corporate office environment and work from anywhere with an Internet connection. But while working from home may sound like a dream come true, it often proves to be amotivational and, frankly…

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Top 20 Coworking Spaces In The United States

By Jake Rocheleau, Hongkiat.com

Coworking spaces have been on the rise dramatically over the past few years. And it is a very commonly practiced work routine within the bigger cities of the United States of America….

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