Flexible plans built for your (now) remote team.

CO+HOOTS offers practical plans for remote teams that still enjoy seeing each other’s faces.

At least six feet away.

Easy Meeting Reservations

Zoom fatigue is real. An arsenal of monthly meeting room hours is the cure. Effortlessly book meeting rooms for your next weekly meeting right from our app.

Get Back into the Office Again

Included Day Passes mean it’s time to escape to a quiet, productive work environment at CO+HOOTS. Free coffee and unlimited fiber internet are waiting. Dust off your pants. Maybe even shower first if you remember how.

Safe, Clean Space

Feel safe in a space bullish on prioritizing your health and keeping to cleaning/sanitizing schedules that are constant, consistent and thorough.

Flex team plans

Choosing the best plan based on the size of your team 

Customize your plan for teams of 10+

Need more meeting room hours? Desire a combination of dedicated desks and unlimited flex plans? Contact us.



Mosey on in.

Not sure what a day at CO+HOOTS looks like? Never fear, take a virtual tour at your own pace.



Seats 12



Seats up to 70



Seats 3



Seats 4



Seats 12

Safe while face-to-face

We know how important safety is during this COVID-19 pandemic, so we are being overly cautious. The following protocols are some of the precautions we have put in place.

  • Face mask required in common areas
  • 6 feet social distancing
  • Plentiful Hand Sanitizer stations
  • Hands-free door openers
  • Daily and nightly cleaning and sanitizing

Do people who attend a meeting in a meeting room count as Day Pass users?

Nope. As long as you booked a meeting room, people who come in for that particular meeting don’t need a Day Pass and are counted as guests. They DO need a Day Pass if they intend to work in CO+HOOTS before or after that day’s scheduled meeting.

Are meeting rooms enclosed and sound proof?

Yes, all of our meeting rooms are enclosed and anything confidential shared in your meeting will not travel outside the room. Your plans for world domination will be safe. 

How do we book meeting rooms to use our meeting room credits?

When you join CO+HOOTS with a Flex Team membership, you are prompted to create a company account in our member portal. 

You can easily book a meeting room in our member portal within the “Meeting Rooms” link you will see on the left sidebar. 

The member portal will also have other pertinent information such as other members of our community, events, other memberships you can add to your account. 

What happens when we use up all of our month's allotment of meeting room credits and Day Passes?

If all your meeting room credits and Day Passes are exhausted for the month and you would still like to work at CO+HOOTS and/or book meeting rooms, you will be charged the member-discounted rate of $24.50 per Day Pass and a 30% member’s discount for meeting rooms ($35/hour, M-F 9am-6pm).

Your full allotment of meeting room credits and Day Passes renew on the 1st of every month.

Can our entire team work at CO+HOOTS at the same time? If I have access for 5 people, why do I have Day Passes?

Yes! A Flex Team-5 plan allows for five employees to use your monthly allotment of Day Passes. A Flex Team-10 plan allows for ten employees. You can also purchase Day Passes for any team members over that allotment and who are not listed on your account.

When you buy a Flex Team membership, you will create a company account and add the 5 (or 10) people who will have access to CO+HOOTS. 

The monthly allotment of Day Passes are shared between those team members. You can divvy up the monthly allotment between your team however you choose. 

There is a 30-day cancelation/non-renewal policy. Your last day of membership will be 30 days from the day you request a cancelation/nonrenewal of your membership. If that last day falls after the 1st of a month, your last invoice will be prorated.

How are Day Passes tracked? Where can we work when we use a Day Pass?

Each person who intends to use a Day Pass to work in CO+HOOTS must check in at the Front Desk.

A Day Pass will not be needed if you arrive to use a booked conference room for a meeting and do not intend to work at CO+HOOTS after the meeting.

Day Pass users can work at any of our open flex coworking areas. We have several options for Day Pass users to work at: open desks, booths, couches, height-adjustable desks, bar-height/standing tables, phone rooms, lounge and even a treadmill desk. 

Do our unused Day Passes and meeting room credits roll over to the next month?

They do not. Your full allotment of meeting room credits and Day Passes renew on the 1st of every month and start over at the stated monthly allotment.

Do these plans include a private office?

No, these plans only include access to work in CO+HOOTS’ 10,000 square feet of common and flex workspace, i.e. open coworking of a variety of desks and booths.

Do I need to wear my mask at all times?

You DO have to wear a mask any time you are in a common area within the building.

Wearing a mask within meeting rooms during a meeting is optional. We also have designated mask-free work rooms as well that have their own safety and cleaning protocols after use.

Do you have phone booths? Where can I take phone calls?

Yes. Please take your calls in the designated phone booths, which are free to use and built into the membership. You may also take your calls outside the building or you can book a meeting room for calls as well.

Is there a deposit? What other costs should I expect?

There is no deposit required. All you need to pay for the membership and its benefits is the low monthly membership cost!

Will our Team Flex membership automatically renew? What's the cancelation process?

Your membership renews automatically every month on the 1st of the month. If you first sign up for the membership any time after the 1st, your membership cost is prorated for that month. Your membership will then be billed every 1st of the month after.

Our Flex Team memberships carry a low-commitment 30-day cancelation/nonrenewal policy. If you request a cancelation, the last day your membership is active is 30 days from that request.

Why am I (yes, me, the one reading this sentence) so awesome?

Because entrepreneurship and business are hard. Even more so during this pandemic. But you are persevering through each challenge as you have done so before. And you and your team will come out of this stronger than ever. By viewing this page and displaying interest in these Flex Team memberships, you continue to prove your savviness in increasing your team’s productivity and that you care about your team’s safety, health and morale. Because through this current state of our nation, you know how important it is to support local, to do your part and what you can in uplifting woman-owned and minority-owned businesses, to value like-minded companies who truly value inclusivity, diversity, equity, community, collaboration as well as you and your goals. Why are you so awesome? Because you are choosing to not just exist. You are choosing to truly live.

Celebrating 10+ years of coworking.

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