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Rejection Therapy: Getting Over the Fear of No – Mental Health & Mindset…

September 11, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

The CO+HOOTS Foundation presents Rejection Therapy: Getting Over the Fear of No – the first session in our four-week Midweek MindTweak Mental Health & Mindset Workshop. (Did you miss the first session in the series? No worries! You’re still welcome to attend this week.)
Most of us are afraid to get the big old “no.” So we do everything we can to get a yes. How might you act differently if you don’t care if the person told you no? What would your life be like if you had an invisible coat of armor that protected you against the fear of rejection?
In this presentation, JP Taxman will share his experiences with rejection therapy and how it’s helped him with his fear of rejection.
As entrepreneurs, we must be comfortable in the uncomfortable. We have to wear that shit like a blanket, it’s time to wrap yourself up tightly!
Come prepared to engage with strangers and walk away with a step by step process to start doing rejection therapy, and a list of rejections to try.
About the Presenter
JP Taxman is a quick-witted over-thinker who has a burning passion for design, technology, and; cupcakes. He enjoys deep and intellectual conversations about philosophy, technology, physics, and comedy.
He’s worked in the tech industry building apps and websites as a user experience and graphic designer. He’s also helped build an escape room/immersive experience where he designed and constructed puzzles using a laser! Well, a laser cutter, and power tools, which were a ton of fun… No fingers or toes lost yet!
JP started building fluid daily experiences into my life because he often battled depression throughout his existence on this earth and I’ve found that creating systems and automating aspects of my life and home has helped me tremendously to stay productive and work my way out of the debilitating darkness of depression. He first fell in love with this idea after reading Don Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things. That book opened my eyes to the experience we have with a product that we use daily, after reading it he became obsessed with analyzing his experience with the items he uses daily and began to work to optimize every one.


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