With business growth comes team growth, and with team growth comes the excitement of discovering the talented, passionate people whose skills and personality will perfectly mesh with your team! Fun fact: This honeymoon period feeling doesn’t have to end.

We’re excited to introduce our new Arizona operations director, who is helping us expand our coworking community to Mesa and beyond. She’ll be seeking ways to improve the success of our spaces and our team, so you have the best resources to succeed, too.

Meet Christina Morse

Christina Morse joins our team as our new Arizona operations director, and we’re grateful to have her wisdom to help us strategize and grow beyond our Phoenix HQ!

There’s not much about Christina that isn’t impressive. She’s immediately flew into her first day after writing a book in South Africa, has led teams and operations in a wide variety of industries and continues to be a badass strategist to this day.

Her goals:

Too many to mention here, but overall, I would describe my goal as, “helping to build scalable and efficient processes that allow us to grow our awesome community of members, in this location and beyond.”

Why she wanted to work at CO+HOOTS:

I could tell everyone here was cool AF. But seriously, after spending the last year and a half traveling, I have worked in coworking spaces all over the world and there was something different about the vibe here at CO+HOOTS. The Karma Wall won me over for sure. I think it speaks to the community environment and culture that Jenny and Odeen have cultivated in this space. Working and being an entrepreneur can be tough; having the support of great people around you can help to get through those tough days. We need more of that in the world. #Jenny&Odeen2020

What she believes makes a community successful:

In my experience, the most successful communities were groups of individuals who valued and respected what other people brought to the equation. Whether that has been in the work place with teams working to understand how each other impact the overall business, or in my travels where groups of diverse global citizens can all sit around the table and talk about their different experiences in life and value that we all have an impact.

The common denominator within those communities has been authenticity and transparency. Those words are thrown around frequently, but to me it means that everyone can speak their truth respectfully and honestly. No one person has to be perfect, and everyone agrees that they are stronger together than as an individual.

Why she believes creating a strong team is important:

Teams are your work family. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and no one on their own is as strong as the whole. If the team can laugh and cry together, you are whole and cohesive as a team, and the brand is undeniably strong. Think of the Kardashians… love or hate them, their brand is fiercely strong. We are the Hoot-ashians. Unless that is trademarked.

Five steps to building a forward-thinking team by Christina

When your team understands and is inspired by each other, you inspire trust and collaboration that will help you grow. When you pair a culture of trust with a forward-thinking team — one that’s driven by the same vision — your business will not only grow, but it will become scalable. To help you get started, we had Christina give you her pro tips on building a forward-thinking team:

1. Understand your team members. What makes them tick? What gets them out of bed in the morning? Then decide how you can incorporate that information into their role with the organization.

2. Explain yourself. If you are leading a team, explain what you are trying to do or why you make decisions the way you do. You don’t have to do this on every single decision, but sharing this information helps your team understand the vision and how you come to make your decisions. If they know how you think, they can make decisions in line with your values. Bonus: they can make decisions without you.

3. Good segue to #3, no one likes to be micromanaged. Some members will need more specific tasks, goals or oversight. But responding to a list of tasks is reactive. If you want a proactive team, let them figure things out and brainstorm solutions.

4. Set your intention. If you don’t know where you are going, it’s difficult to move forward. For everyone.

5. Be authentic. No one is perfect. Make it okay to admit strengths AND weaknesses. I’ve never met one person who is good at everything. It also takes less energy to work within your area of strength than it does to “fix” a weakness. Your team will get more done if they are spending most of their time within strength areas.

Christina beyond the coworking space

Favorite thing about Arizona?

The smell of the desert after it rains.

What are your own personal hopes and dreams?

After losing 20 pounds while doing nothing but sitting in a bathtub full of money, sipping gin and tonic, I have my sights set on starting a pit bull rescue on some undeveloped land up north. #pitbullsarelife

Step 1: start a 501(c)3 so I can start hitting up construction companies for donations of time & materials.

Also, I wrote my first draft of a novel last month. I’d like to finish editing that. Maybe make the NY Times Bestseller List, get a movie deal and earn many bathtubs full of money. You didn’t specify “realistic” hopes and dreams.

What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you?
  • I LOVE problem solving. Don’t ever hesitate to come to me with issues.
  • My background consists of almost twenty years experience in management and recruiting. I’ve worked for small startups through larger scaling organizations. I also started a boutique tech staffing firm. I’ve both scaled and failed, if you want to talk about either.
  • When my daughter graduated from ASU, I decided to work remotely and travel. Home has been 14 different countries in the past 18 months.
  • My RBF is strong, but I am rarely ever upset. I just am intensely thinking about lunch. Or coffee.
What is one thing people don’t know about you?

Well, since I just shared that #pitbullsarelife, I think the fact that shocks people the most is that I am a huge fan of gangster rap. Trap music to be specific. Most people say I look like I listen to country (I don’t know what that looks like?). I will jump out of a moving vehicle to escape most country music.