Checking off tasks gets your business through the day, but connecting with people gets you a support system for a lifetime. We know making connections and nurturing relationships are crucial in building a strong foundation for your business. That’s why we’re growing the team behind our coworking space to help.

Meet Amanda Ohmer

community success coordinator Amanda Ohmer

Amanda Ohmer joins our team as our new community success coordinator, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to have her on board.

We’re confident in Amanda’s ability to create an space that fosters organic connections for many reasons — and not just because of her bright personality. She is a badass entrepreneur who successfully co-founded, grew and sold a local bakery, and knows exactly what business owners need to build a loyal support system for every stage of business.

Her goal:

I want to help the CO+HOOTS community grow and adopt new people to help build a stronger future.

Why she wanted to work at CO+HOOTS:

I want to be part of a vibrant community of people, everyone seems to be working toward the common good. Positive environments are motivational and having that support is so important to getting things done.

What she believes makes a community successful:

Communication and constructive feedback.

Why she believes making connections is important:

People are awesome! Everyone you meet has a different set of skills to offer. You never know who you might meet, they could change your life!

Five ways to make connections by Amanda

Making connections can seem like a daunting task in the early stages of entrepreneurship, or even your first week in a coworking space. To help you get started, Amanda came up with five simple tips to help you start meaningful business relationships and network away:

1. Smile. A friendly face is more approachable.

2. Say hello first.

3. Tell a funny joke or a bad one. Either way, it’s memorable.

4. Follow up with your conversation.

5. Put yourself in new situations and around new people.

Amanda beyond the coworking space


Mesa, Arizona

Favorite thing about Arizona:

The climate. I love being outside and being able to change my surroundings with a quick drive. Desert, pine trees, rivers, canyons… we have them all!

What should the CO+HOOTS community know about you?

I love to cook, I like animals and I enjoy helping other people in any way.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I have no luck growing plants. None, don’t even let me near one.

Why are you so awesome?

I was just made this way… ya can’t teach it.